American Poetry in Porto

HERE WE ARE – An evening with author Amy Hollowell

livro blogThrough what appears at times to be a private, or personal, conversation, I seek to reflect a public, or impersonal, one. […] HERE WE ARE is an attempt to tell it like is, to provide all the news that’s not fit to print, so that we might close the gap that separates us readers and human beings from our words, from ourselves and from one another.

– Amy Hollowel

As leituras serão maioritariamente em inglês com alguns poemas em português.

Data: 8 August 2015,19h30

Local: POP101 – Rua de Trás n.º 101, PORTO

Para mais informações:

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Amy Hollowell has long been a part of the Anglophone poetry scene in Paris, where she has lived since 1982. She is the author of several poetry collections and chapbooks, including Giacomettrics (corrupt press, 2012) and Peneloping (corrupt press, 2011). In addition, she works as a journalist and translator and is a lineage holder and teacher in the White Plum Zen Buddhist organization. She has been on the staff of the Herald Tribune in Paris since 1983.

In 2004, she founded the Wild Flower Zen group in Paris, which she continues to lead in France and Portugal.

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