Retiro no Coração da Vida, 19 a 24 Novembro 2012

Retiro no Coração da Vida

19 a 42 de Novembro de 2012

Onde quer que estejam

“A Retreat in the Heart of Life” (Retraite au Coeur de la Vie)

Date: Nov. 19-24
Place: Wherever you are

Wherever you are, life is there! How could Zen practice be anywhere else? Take a
plunge into the heart of your life just as it is. This is a superb opportunity
to live Zen practice and your entire life as one endlessly vibrant and creative
improvisation. No special organization needed!

Come join the sitting in Paris (on Monday and Friday nights, and all day
Saturday) or sit wherever you are — at home, in London, Porto, Lisbon, East
Timor, Melbourne, New York — whenever you can. Everything you do all week is
part of this retreat! Follow teachings and participants’ daily experiences on
the zenscribe blog.

morning meditation: 7h30-8h30, Monday-Friday; 9h30-18h Saturday
evening meditation: 20h-22h, Monday-Thursday, 19h45-21h15, Friday

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