In Portugal: A dance of the heart

Returned from travels to Portugal, and find myself here at my desk again, letting words emerge.
The experience over three days of sitting all together was like this cool, windy afternoon today, sun and shadow dancing with the bobbing leaves.
We danced like that in our hearts, called to (re)invent our relationship to ourselves, to everything and everyone, every single moment. Somehow what resulted was great joy.
In the end, we celebrated a ceremony for three people engaging more deeply in this practice of living life creatively, concretely, freely, with nothing but the ancient guidelines of our lineage as reference points and the acknowledgment that our life is the expression of our true, awakened nature.
I offer a bow to all the participants who accompanied me on my way for those days, and I thank all for their deep, sincere practice.

Amy Hollowell Sensei

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