What makes us different is what makes us the same

It’s the morning after a gathering of my “tribe” of Zen relations, the White Plum Asangha, here in Montreuil in the Dana Sangha center. Part of the “family” traveled from America, part of it from other corners of Europe. And then here we all were. It felt like gazing at the star-filled sky on a clear night; the more I looked the more I saw the depth and bredth of our shared dharma: What makes us different is what makes us the same.
Am touched and honored and grateful to be a part of this group of such beautiful people, singular Zen teachers all going step by step into the unknown with an eye on the well-being of one and all.
The simplicity is incomparably inspiring. And the vibrance provides undeniable proof that this “way” is thriving moment to moment in this very “place.” That is, wherever you are.

Amy Hollowell Sensei, Zenscribe